Savoury Recipes

Here you can find a recipes for some of the Savoury dishes we have cooked. To Download the recipe just 'click' on the green download button next to the recipe.

Bacon and Cheese Tortilla.pdf
Burger Recipe.pdf
Chicken and Chorizo Jambalaya Recipe.pdf
Croque Monsieur Recipe.pdf
Fajitas Recipe.pdf
French Bread Pizza Recipe.pdf
Garlic Bread Recipe.pdf
Home Made Fish Fingers.pdf
Home Made Turkey Nuggets.pdf
Oven Chips Recipe.pdf
Paella Recipe.pdf
Pepper Boats Recipe.pdf
Potato Wedges Recipe.pdf
Prawn Chow Mein Recipe.pdf
Quesadilla Recipe.pdf
Ratatouille Recipe.pdf
Sausage and Mash Recipe.pdf
Savoury Rice Recipe.pdf
Shepherds Pie Recipe.pdf
Spanish Chicken Bake Recipe.pdf
Vegetable Spring Rolls Recipe.pdf
Veggie Enchiladas Recipe.pdf
Veggie Paella Recipe.pdf