What We Do

Typical Morning:

—In the morning, a visit out into the community to local shops and supermarkets, cafes, parks and local beach

—Setting the table, preparing the food and drinks, and eating their own dinner together.

—Making choices about food,

Following a recipe

—Learning about healthy choices, food preparation and cleanliness

Young peoples personal communication systems will be at the forefront and kept current and up-dated.

Work In The Community

Our young people will focus on developing confidence and independence skills within the community through the use of shopping lists, working out what they need for their recipe, handling money, using their own shopping bags. Confidence will be built up by using similar recipes and techniques over a 10 week period.

Typical Afternoon:

In the afternoon, a combination of:

—Music (improvisation, singing, listening, rhythm work, signing choir)

—Drama (characterisation, putting on performances, using props, using poetry and prose, sensory stories)

—Dance (rhythm, movement, improvisation)

—Art (prop making and scenery)
We will develop a theme over a course of 10 weeks that will incorporate song, dance, poetry and prose using sensory techniques and stimulus that will be both leader and client led. Props and other art work will be made to support the project. This will culminate in performances out in the community.

Work In The Community
 Each block will focus on developing a production that we will take into the community. We will take our performances out to other adult centres and collaborate with Superstar Arts, schools and old people’s homes.

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